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Wax-Rx™ Ear Wash System

The Challenge

Drive traffic to the client's ecommerce store in a way that educated potential customers about their unique and effective product that safely cleans ears, the Wax-RxTM


A video produced as part of a Mom Blogger Influencer program we ran for our client has received 2.5 millions views over the span of one year. The Mom-Blogger who made the video was one we had identified to work with as part of a trial Mom-Blogger Influencer program we managed on behalf of the client. We provided direction for the ideal video for this very affordable sponsored post with the Mom-Blogger and managed the entire process for the client. The video has provided substantial direct website traffic in addition to brand awareness for product education.

What We Did

As part of a trial Mom Blogger Influencer program we identified a handful of cost-effective Mom Bloggers to partner with for sponsored posts and content. We managed the entire process of getting the Mom Bloggers interested, sending them product to review and helping them craft pertinent content for the client. 

A video made for our client by one of our partner-bloggers (with a relatively small audience) has received 2.5 Million views on Youtube and generates a serious amount of ongoing website traffic for the client’s ecommerce website.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Knowing which influencers are best tied into a client's ideal audience is critical for effective Influencer Marketing. We knew that Mom Bloggers would be a great fit for our client's product and had the connections and strategy to implement the program.

  • Viral Marketing

    Viral Marketing

    Knowing what type of content is more likely to gain virality is not an exact science. We keep an eye on trends and best performing content to help stack the deck in favor of viral performance.

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