From $6k to $80k
in Monthly Sales

Natural Products Client

The Challenge

One of our clients, offering all-natural skin care products made from high-end ingredients, had a small but loyal customer base with monthly online sales stuck at around $6,000 a month. We were brought in to increase ecommerce sales for their existing product line.


Online sales immediately doubled after the first month of implementing our digital marketing strategy, and within four months, sales had ballooned to $80,000 a month. This increase in sales revenue easily covered the cost of our marketing services and created a very strong ROI for the client.

What We Did

Our first step was to conduct research to get a thorough understanding of the current situation. We examined the marketing efforts currently in place, assessed what was working and what wasn’t, and identified where the major opportunities for sales growth likely were. 

From there, we put together recommendations for how to re-engage their existing customers and how best to introduce new customers to the brand. 

In the end, our strategy included:

  • Rebranding


    Rebranding to create a stronger identity that more clearly referenced the natural ingredients used in the product formulas and to highlight the brand mission and key points of difference

  • New Website

    New Website

    Designing and building a completely new ecommerce website that reinforced the new branding and was more user-friendly

  • Product Detail Pages

    Product Detail Pages

    Crafting content to clearly educate customers on the product benefits through beautiful product detail pages and product imagery

  • Product Differentiation

    Product Differentiation

    Highlighting hero ingredients to showcase the major points of difference for the products

  • Product Reviews

    Product Reviews

    Incorporating customer product reviews into product pages to provide shopping confidence

  • FAQ


    Identifying frequent product questions and developing content around those questions for the product pages to increase shopping conversions

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Revamping the email marketing strategy and taking over the weekly promotional emails to drive customer orders and reorders

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Crafting and executing a monthly social media content calendar

  • Customer Referrals

    Customer Referrals

    Leveraging existing customers to create referral sales funnels to drive new customer sales

  • Social Promotion

    Social Promotion

    Creating a sales funnel through paid and organic social media marketing on Facebook

Why It Worked

The three biggest challenges this client faced were a brand/website that didn’t reflect the quality of the products and ingredients or the mission; a lack of compelling content; and a passionate but small customer base that wasn’t being engaged with or leveraged properly. 

The Bright Side was that the product line was amazing, and loyal users were ready to sing the product’s praises and to tell others about the brand once they were provided with a framework to do so and the right language to use. 

By first redesigning the brand and website, we created an ecommerce experience that would resonate with the type of consumers who shop for organic and natural products, creating a polished, clean design that mirrored the high quality products. The previous branding and website didn’t provide enough compelling details on product benefits. 

We were then able to reintroduce customers to the new branding and convince them to reorder products on a regular basis thereby providing recurring sales by establishing consistent customer touch points with compelling content.

We also made it easy for customers that wanted to earn a little extra money or free products to tell their friends about the products by not just incentivizing them, but systemizing the process of sharing the products. This created a growth in overall customer acquisition and sales. 

Social media was the perfect place to keep the customers engaged with the brand by promoting specials, providing more in-depth product education and sprinkling in information on maximizing the tell-a-friend program. 

Together, the rebranding, the collateral, the referral program and the digital/social media marketing all worked together to increase sales by almost $75,000 a month.

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