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The Challenge

A client came to us because they had an existing website that was hidden on Page 8 when doing a Google search of the company by name. Due to the high volume of other businesses with similar names, there was quite of bit of competition for the client’s most important keywords, pushing them way down in the search results.


After the improvements we made to their SEO, they became the first result on Page 1 of Google for their main keyword within 2 weeks. The client was beyond thrilled, as they had an upcoming media buy whose success was dependent on the resolution of that search results issue.

What We Did

We identified and implemented code and content improvements to the client’s existing website to drastically improve SEO. We also used Google Webmaster tools to make sure the site was in keeping with Google’s preferences.

  • On-site Search Engine Optimization

    On-site Search Engine Optimization

    We tweaked site hierarchy and navigation structure, updated HTML, made improvements to the mobile viewport of the website, wrote new meta content and other on-page content improvements.

  • Inbound Link Building

    Inbound Link Building

    We identified appropriate industry websites that could be used to grow inbound links to the client's website to help bolster SEO.

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